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Specialists in computer vision, IoT, and video technology

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Custom software development that delivers you a product in 30-90 days!

Software development
Hardware procurement
Deployment and monitoring
Supporting cloud services
AI model training
Computer vision applications
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Guide your development to success with options for local or offshore support

System, process, and reporting
Architecture planning
Sourcing contractors
Strategic planning
Risk analysis


General software consultancy to aid strategic, tactical, and development needs

Requirement building
Planning and road mapping
Team, growth and leadership
Investigative inquiries
Security profiling
Design optimization
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How we work

Product Development

Fixed Budget, Fixed Time
  • You have requirements
  • We develop and deploy
  • 30-90 day completion guarantee
  • Continued support (extra fees apply)
  • Feature updates (extra fees apply)


Fixed Percentage
  • You have requirements
  • We source, manage, and report
  • Fixed percentage billing
  • Development services (extra fees apply)
  • International support


Billable Hours
  • Business analysis
  • Create requirements
  • Evaluate technologies and architecture
  • Strategy & tactics for product development
  • Software and hardware procurement