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Specialists in computer vision, IoT, and video technology

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Product Development

We develop custom software solutions in the computer vision niche.

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We guide your product or project developments to success.

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We provide software consultancy for product, project, and development needs.

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What we do best

AI Applications

Make your AI do what it was meant to do! We build services to deliver the purpose of your AI model.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Create intelligent networks with systems that incorporate security, data transport, and deployment monitoring.

Compute Hardware

Nvidia Jetson ecosystem specialized, we create stable software that leverages powerful toolkits like TensorRT, Deepstream SDK, and more.

System Security

Security hardening to meet government, defense, and global enterprise compliance standards.

Cloud Integration

Server or serverless, transform, provision, and make use of your data and intelligence.

AI Model Training

Gain the competitive Edge. Stay ahead in the market with our expertly crafted AI model training solutions.


This is why people love to work with us!

Steve Reinharz

CEO, Founder | Robotic Assistance Devices

Some of the smartest software developers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Multi-talented, adaptable and communicative.

Service: Software Development

Ahmad Kaddoura

Software Engineer | DarkVision Technologies Inc

AlphaWise has one of the most knowledgeable and skilled technical leaders I have encountered. He combines a broad spectrum of knowledge in design with a deep understanding of technology seamlessly, and his ability to translate that knowledge into actionable plans was invaluable to our success.

Service: Computer Vision Product Design


President, Founder | Anonymous

Your expertise in video streaming, computer vision, and the Nvidia Jetson platform brought my concept to market with speed. I was very pleased with the technologies chosen and pass-off to my team. Thank you!

Service: Nvidia Jetson MVP

Mario Puccioni

CEO | Binoocle Institute

I came with a need to get work done fast. I was very pleased with the results and was able to deploy and sell to a new client very easily.

Service: Development and Leadership

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